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Best Natural TCM For A Happier & Healthier You.

Rebalance your body

Healing Health TCM Therapy specializes in Health, Beauty & Body Wellness.

Our team of registered TCM physicians and skilled therapists are experienced in providing medical consultation and treatments. 

About Us

"In our philosophy, TCM is a way of life."

Established in August 2016, Healing Health TCM Therapy is highly recommended and supported by regular customers for its natural Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments.

We dedicate ourselves to providing quality health & beauty services such as Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping , Scraping, Massage and Slimming Treatments for your general well-being.

Our Mission is to help our customers regain balance for a happier and healthier self. We are grateful to be continuously supported by customers who value health and wellness.

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Natural Weight Loss Special Promotion
$899 (8 Sessions)

Have you tried diet after diet and still nothing seems to work?
Here’s how we can help you gain back your confidence with our TCM Weight Loss Treatment:

* 1-on-1 Personal Support

* A complete program for your weight loss journey

* 1 hour consultation via phone or in person

* A detailed list of foods right for your body type

* Fun Weight Log Record Tracker

* Weekly review of your challenges, success and action steps to improve your health

* Motivational support to keep you on the right track of your journey

TCM Services Menu

TCM Consultation

  • Chinese Medicine
    $10 per session
  • Chinese Medicine
    $10-12 per day
  • Acupuncture
    $40 per session
  • Moxibustion Therapy
    $38-48 per session

Wellness Treatments

  • Meridian Massage
    $58 per 60 mins
  • Facial Scraping
    $68 per 45 mins
  • Hips or Kidneys Treatment
    $98 per 60 mins
  • Foot Massage
    $40 per 60 mins
    $25 per 30 mins

Female Health Treatment

  • Prenatal Or Postnatal Massage
    $98 per 60 mins
  • Postpartum Lactation
    $88 per 45 mins

Featured Combination

  • Acupuncture For Beauty & Weight Loss
    针灸美容 + 针灸减肥
    $108 per session
  • Chinese Medicine Special Weight Loss
    $108 per 60 mins
  • Meridian Massage & Foot Massage
    经络推拿 + 脚底按摩
    $55 per session

    Meridian Massage (30 mins) Foot Massage (30 mins)

  • Breast Checkup & Maintenance
    $118 per 75 mins

    Breast Inspection, Palpation + Breast Maintenance +
    Breast Chinese Medicine Dredging Membrane
    乳房望,触诊 + 乳房保养 + 乳腺中药疏通膜

Regain Your Confidence

Supercharge your life and experience this amazing transformation with us!

Most of us gain weight due to stress and not knowing how to eat to stay healthy.

With our professional guidance at Healing Health TCM Therapy Clinic, our natural TCM treatment and advice will encourage you to take the first step towards a new and healthier you.

“Due to obesity, I was very insecure and withdrawn, and I stopped going out with my friends. With the support of my TCM treatment, I now look and feel good about myself. More importantly, I learnt how to take charge of my life.”

Tina Ng, Customer of Healing Health

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Blk 1 #01-09,
Tanjong Pagar Plaza,  Singapore 082001


(65) 6909 0199
(65) 9778 5328​
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Our Hours

Mon – Sun:
10.00 am to 9.30 pm daily